Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SOLD Moon Over Chetek Stained Glass Mosaic

This is my all time favorite stained glass mosaic creation. Not only does the sun look beautiful coming through the blues but every time I think of it I'm back in Chetek WI watching the moon over the lake. Chetek is one of those small tourist towns with big personality and charm that you can't help but fall in love with.  Put it on your bucket list!!! If you need advice on where to stay I know the perfect spot. 
One full moon night I was in my creation room, pretending to work. Really my mind was on some of my favorite spots in Wisconsin. I just started playing with the glass and this piece developed before my eyes. It really did create itself. When I finished I stood back and just stared at it. Honestly I couldn't believe my eyes. The glass forever captured the moon over the lake in ways I'd not thought possible. I take no credit for this piece, I don't know how but it created itself and forever changed how I felt about doing mosaics in glass. I was smitten. To fall in love with what you do is an amazing feeling!

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